The following is the instructions of admission to Korean Society of Environment & Ecology, Inc. (KSEE)

The members of KSEE are categorized into five based on the criteria set by KSEE
① Regular member: Those who majored in environment, ecology or other related subjects.
② Corporate member: A corporation or equivalent entity that supports the purpose of KSEE. 
③ Group member: A group or research institute that supports the purpose of KSEE
④ Organization member: A university library or academic society that supports the purpose of KSEE
⑤ Special member: Those who works for NGO

You can apply for the admission through our website. Please download the application form, fill in the blank including your picture or emblem of the organization you belong to and send it to the secretariat via mail or electronic mail. You will obtain full membership after the board of directors approves it. If you apply via the internet, you will be able to use the website right away

Once you become the member of KSEE, you will be given the following rights
① You will receive bulletins and books published by KSEE
② You will be able to submit a paper, editorial and others to KSEE.
③ You will be able to participate in a general meeting and seminars. Also, you can present your study
     result, conduct a lecture and express your opinions.
④ You will participate in the operation of KSEE through a general meeting. You will have rights to
     propose, vote and be elected.

Once you become the member of KSEE, you will assume the following obligations
① You should comply with articles of association and other rules
② You should implement the resolutions made by the general meeting and the board of directors
③ You should pay membership fee and other fees.

If you want to withdraw from KSEE, please submit the letter of withdrawal. If you become disqualified due to disciplinary actions and others, you will automatically lose the membership.

If you dishonor KSEE or interrupt the business of KSEE, the president may take disciplinary actions and expel you from the membership through resolutions of the board of directors

Please join us in the Korean Society of Environment & Ecology!

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