How to write a manuscript for a journal of Korean Society of Environment & Ecology
(Revised on Aug. 26, 2003)

1. Please use any document editing software which is compatible with ‘Hangeul(HWP)’. The manuscript should be written with Ming-style printing type either in Korean or English on A4 paper. 

2. Authors are required to use terms that are established by KSEE or the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Words that need to be indicated in Italic including scientific name will be written in Italic. Spelling of a proper noun will be based on the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education in 1984.

3. For Korean manuscript, please write title and author in Korean and then in English. The body should be written in the following order: abstract in Korean, abstract in English, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion (results and discussion), acknowledgement and literature cited. For English manuscript, title and author should be mentioned first and then in Korean. The structure of the manuscript will be the same as Korean manuscript. But English abstract comes before the Korean abstract. 

4. The name of the organization which the author belongs to and its address will be marked as a number on the upper right of the author’s name. And they should be mentioned in a foot note both in Korean (name of the organization) and in English (name of the organization, address and e-mail address). The corresponding author will be marked as an asterisk on the upper right of the author’s name and mentioned in a footnote. The source of research expenses will be indicated as a on the upper right of the title and described in a footnote. 

5. Key words should be less than 5 phrases and indicated in Gothic type on the bottom of Korean abstract page and in Italic type with capital letter on the bottom of English abstract page. Scientific name should be written in Gothic type. Key words should be those which did not appear in the title. 

6. Tables and figures should be written in English. The title of the table should be mentioned above the table and the title of the figure should be mentioned below the figure. Tables and figures need to be attached in a separate paper and their pages will be indicated in the article. Please draw the figure on a tracing paper or print it out. Letters in the figure on the tracing paper should be written on the separate paper (copying paper of the figure). Laser print or equivalent will be preferred for the print out. If you use tracing paper for a figure, the thickness of the line should be considered. If a laser printer is used for a figure, the thickness of the line and size of the letters should be appropriately chosen by considering the reduction rate at the time of printing. If lines and letters are not clear when printed out, the author should draw the figure again and submit it. 

7. Authors of citations should be arranged based on the following instruction. Single author: Gil-dong Hong(1938) or Watson(1953) Two authors: Gil-dong Hong and Mun-su Park(1941) or Mayer and Greenwood(1962) More than three authors: Gil-dong Hong et al. (1942) or Harrington et al.(1972)
- When more than 2 papers are cited, the papers should be mentioned from the earliest to most recent year. Please write either Sun-shin Lee, 1978; Mun-su Park and Gil-dong Hong, 1984; Gil-dong Hong et al., 1992 or Watson, 1962; Watson and Crick, 1963; Watson et al., 1970.
- When more than two papers which published by one author in the same year are cited, please write either Sun-shin Lee and Gil-dong Hong,1991a; 1991b or Kramer, 1990a;1990b. 

8. References should list only literatures which are referred in the article. Korean and oriental literatures should be arranged in a Korean alphabet order based on their pronunciation. Other than that, please put them alphabetically.

The followings are examples.

  1. The first letter of the title of book, report and magazine of western countries should be capital letter. Korean book and report which are edited should be in a quotation mark(‘ ’).
  2. A paper published in a journal Oh, K.K. and T.H. Kwon(1996) Edge Vegetation Structure in Odaesan National Park. Kor. J. Env. Eco. 9(2): 202-210.
  3. A paper specially published in a journal Westrin, C.G.(1973) Low back sicklisting: A nosological and medical insurance investigation. Scand J. Soc. Med. 7(Suppl.): 1-17.
  4. Unpublished data or personal communication Doe, J.M. Iowa College of Agriculture, Ames, Iowa(unpublished data)
  5. A separate volume Park, C.H.(1961) Applied Ecology(2nd ed.). Hongmunsa, Seoul, 299pp.
  6. Chapter and clause of a separate volume Erickson, L.E. and G. Fredrickson(1990) Phylogeny and ontogeny of the thyroid gland. In: M.A. Greer(ed.), The Thyroid Gland(2nd ed.), Raven Press, New York, pp. 1-36.
  7. A book or paper in press Blaker, A.A.(In press) Handbook for Scientific Photography, Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
  8. Symposium Raycroft, J.F. and B.H. Curtis(1996) Natural conservation and national park. Proceed-ings of the 3rd Symposium on the Develop-ment of Tourism Supervised by Union of Naturalist at Seoul, Academic Press, Philadelphia, pp. 17-23.
  9. An abstract presented at a academic conference(Paper in proceeding) Park, P.P.(1990) Microdistribution of freshwater fishes in Cheju island. Presented at the 38th annual meeting of the Korean Association of Biological Sciences, Cheju, Korea, October 27-29, pp. 7-8.
  10. Dissertation Lauer, G.J.(1993) The bottom fauna of two saline lakes in the Grand Coulee. Ph. D. thesis, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A., 188pp.
  11. Report Bye, J.A.T.(1990) Study on the development of culture techniques. Flinders Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Sciences Res. Rep. 34, Bedford Park, Australia, 17pp.
  12. A series Ramming, H. and Z. Kowalik(1989) Biotech-nology in the Marine Sciences. Elsevier, Aquaculture Series, 25. Elseveir, Amster-dam, 175pp.
  13. When there is no author’s name in a report, proceeding or paper, publisher or publishing company will be regarded as the name of the author. HRS(1988) Technical and economic overview of aquaculture. HRS Annual Report, Wallingford, U.K., pp. 16-20.

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