Established on Feb. 24, 1996
 Revised on Jul. 13, 1996
 Revised on Nov. 14, 1997
 Revised on Jun. 3, 1998
 Revised on Apr. 16, 1999
 Revised on Apr. 22, 2001
 Revised on Aug. 26, 2003

1. The rules are applied to paper, short communication and editorial to be published in a journal. 

2. A total of 3 referees will be appointed to review the manuscript submitted, however the name of the author and his/her organization will not be revealed. 

3. The result of the review will be classified into following four categories: publishable without modification, publishable after modification by an author, re-review after modification and unpublishable. The result of the review will be notified to the author without the name of the referee and his/her organization being mentioned. 

4. Out of three referees, at least two referees should consider the manuscript publishable. If two referees evaluate the manuscript to be unpublishable, the manuscript will not be published in a journal.

5. If a paper is considered to be unpublishable, the submission fee (review fee excluded) will be paid back to the author. 

6. The author and referees can exchange their opinions on the manuscript only through the editorial committee. Matters regarding editing such as the order of publication will be decided in the editorial committee.

7. The editorial committee will check whether the modifications required by referees and the editorial committee are made or not. If the modifications are not made, the editorial committee may suspend the publication

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