(Revised on Apr. 22,2001)

1. Only members are qualified for submission. But non-members can be entitled for submission in case of joint research. When those non-members submit jointly or singly, they should go through the review by the editorial committee. 

2. All submitted manuscripts (including paper, short communication, discourse and series) should not be published or not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

3. Author should not publish more than 2 volumes of papers alone in the same Number of journal. And series should be allowed to be submitted only when it is planned and requested by the editorial committee. 

4. The manuscript should be prepared following the manuscript guideline of KSEE’s journal and be submitted in quadruplicate (one original and three copies) with review fee. And one hard copy should be sent together with a revised version reflecting the review results. Review will be available only when the review fee is paid and the submitted manuscript can be published when extra charge for publication is paid before publication of the journal. 

5. The editorial committee will decide whether or not the submitted manuscript is accepted for publication in accordance with the paper review policy of KSEE. 

6. Author of paper, short communication, and discourse should be charged 140,000 KRW for a volume. But, additional fee will be charged for the following cases: 
 ▷ When an author of research paper is financially supported by the national agency or other
     agencies (Additionally, 100,000 KRW donated )
 ▷ When the total number of printed article exceeds 6 pages
     (but, when a member publishes two or more articles in the same journal, those articles are
     counted as a series of pages.30,000 KRW for one extra page)
 ▷ When a color printing is published (200,000 KRW per a page)
 ▷ When a black-white picture is printed in a coated paper (30,000 KRW per page)
 ▷ When the extra copies of reprints (over 30) are requested

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