1. Criteria for appointing committee members and referees

1) Members of the editorial committee will be selected from professors or those who are at the researcher level and above. The chairperson of the committee will choose around 20 committee members, considering their academic achievement, participation into KSEE, fame, specialty and regions.
2) Those who are recommended as committee members will be able to become committee members upon the approval of the board of directors.
3) The committee members will select members of the committee in an editorial committee meeting considering the subject of the paper submitted. Committee members selected will appoint three referees taking their specialty into consideration. 
4) When appointing referees, their academic achievement in their specialty, participation into KSEE and fame will be considered. Referees will be chosen from professors or those who are at researcher level and above. 
5) When there is no expert in KSEE related with the submitted paper, outside referee with high academic achievement in the specialty can be chosen as a referee. 

2. Appointment of referees and review process 

1) The chairperson of the editorial committee will convene the editorial committee meeting within a week after the closing date of the paper submission. 
2) The editorial committee will have committee members, who are fully experienced in the area of the submitted paper, choose three referees and conduct the review.
3) Referees will be chosen from those who are recognized as a leading authority in a respective research area among members of KSEE. 
4) Online submission will be preferred. However, the paper can be submitted via off line as well. The process to choose referees is the same for both online and offline submission.
5) The result of the review will be classified into the following four categories: publishable without any modification into the paper and editorial, publishable after modification, re-review after modification and unpublishable. Review will be conducted based on utilizing review check list of the KSEE and having subjective review by each referee. 
6) Selected committee members will make the final review on the submitted paper based on the result of review made by three referees. The result of the final review will be classified into four categories which are publishable without any modification, publishable after modification by an author, re-review after modification by an author and unpublishable. The result will be notified to the author. 

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